Message from the President  It has given me great pleasure to see the progress that the Leavitt Bulldog Association has made. We are moving forward in the positive way I had hoped for. Many good things have happened and more are on the way. I would like to thank those who have spent their valuable time working with us on this project. I took my Board position to help my fellow Leavitt Bulldog enthusiasts promote this wonderful breed and to help educate those who are unfamiliar with these excellent dogs. I would like to welcome everyone who is willing to proceed in a positive, honest, sincere and civil manner. I pledge to work to rectify any problems that may spring up along the way. I believe in accessibility, so will try to be available as much as possible to answer all questions and to address your requests. Thanks again for everyone’s’ help, and I’m looking forward to welcoming new Leavitt Bulldog enthusiasts. Sincerely Christopher Blatcher